The Heart of My Business 

There’s a driving force behind this lens of mine and it all comes back to the beginning.


My journey as a storyteller began like most, as someone who just enjoyed taking photos on a camera growing up. I have always loved photography and after the passing of my Mum, I needed (in quite a literal sense) something else to focus on. It was through this immeasurable loss that I realised the significance of photographs, and their ability to relive a moment in time, even for a short while. I love documenting everyday moments with friends and family, as mundane and normal as it may seem – I have always believed these are the memories we cherish most. I live in Newcastle NSW with my soul mate Daniel, my younger brother Jessie (10) and our two Kelpies (Sunny and Lakey). Having a camera in hand (more often than not) is my creative expression, my preservation of these fleeting days and the family story that I have invested my heart and soul into.


I would consider myself a lifestyle photographer, meaning I use minimal to no props, and prefer natural candid photos of you and your loves. I do not run a studio, so all my photography takes place in your home or out in nature. Magic happens when you least expect it and that’s how I love to shoot. Having the opportunity to capture your family and create beautiful keepsake images you can forever treasure is something so dear to me! I’ll spend some time getting to know your little ones and helping them feel comfortable with me before I get my camera out and start the session. Being the older sister of six brothers and having spent my adult life working with children and young people in numerous roles, I have developed an intuition for working with children of all ages. So much so that I chose to undertake a Bachelor of Education degree (final year/ part time). It’s safe to say, I am good with kids and love what I do.


At 23 years old, I can proudly say that I have achieved so much. From starting this small business back in February 2019 to becoming the legal guardian of my 10-year-old brother and now not far off reaching the finish line of my Bachelor's degree. Sure, there have been some challenges along the way, but the future is looking bright and I am so stoked to have met so many wonderful people along the way.


During my sessions, there are no rules, expectations or forced posing. In other words, my sessions aren’t the typical 'look at the camera and say cheese'. I take a more candid, natural 'family-led' approach to photographing your family. Sure, I always strive to document a few traditional poses of everyone looking and smiling at the camera, but the majority of your session will be focused on documenting authentic moments of your family connecting with each other. I can however offer direction and terrible jokes when needed. After photographing your session my job is far from done. As an artist, I meticulously cull through all the photos from your session and decide on the best ones to retouch and artistically edit. Hours are spent fine tuning and editing/enhancing your portraits into pieces of art. I want to create images that show your real story. Imagine having works of art that beautifully capture the heart of your home, the connection you all share and the little things that you love? Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it!


I would be honoured to document your life, love, and authenticity, including all of the extra parts that make up our stories. So if you feel that I am the right fit Visual Storyteller for you and you love the style and experience I offer, I can book you in right away. Get in touch!


Ash x